I strive to help clients develop self-confidence, clarity and effective strategies to the change patterns in their lives that hold them back from living fully, with vitality and well being. I believe that when people are truly heard and their concerns are held with compassion and understanding they experience a shift that opens up new ways of being. Some of the changes our clients have expressed as a result of their growth in counseling are that they are more self compassionate, they have a better understanding of what is important to them and how to be the person they want to be.

Evidence Based Practices

I stay abreast with current research in the field so that I may provide scientifically sound information and evidence based therapy. Specifically, I utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Family Resilience Therapy and Incredible Years Parent Training when appropriate.

Therapeutic Outcomes
My clients have experienced the following changes in their lives:
  • More positive relationships
  • Less anxiety and depression
  • An increase in self-confidence and ability to achieve their goals
  • Healing from trauma and loss
  • An increase in vitality and happiness

My experience in working with people who are dedicated to creating changes in their lives is that with support and new skills they can achieve the goals they desire.

Areas of Expertise
Perinatal Mental Health: Emotional health during the childbearing years

Family Therapy:  Helping individuals and families develop positive & loving relationships and resolve conflicts

Parenting: Developing nurturing parenting and effective discipline

Anxiety & OCD: Reducing symptoms and developing coping strategies

Depression: Reducing symptoms and increasing vitality

Trauma: Resolution and healing

Experience & Education
My professional experience spans over 30 years and ranges from providing services as a Child Birth Educator, Doula, Wilderness Guide, Group Facilitator, and Program/Agency Director to a Clinical Social Worker. I earned my Master's in Social Work from Western Michigan University and my Bachelor's in Psychology of Women from Antioch College. I have advanced training in reproductive mental health, family therapy, experiential therapy, psychodrama, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and Incredible Years Parent Training.


Our Approach 

Psychotherapy & Personal Development

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Dawn Wood, LMSW